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Ansett Productions

a qualified camera operator who is passionate on filming National Premier League, Victorian Football League and everything.

Studied Certificate IV Screen & Media (Television Productions) and Diploma of Live Productions and Technical Service at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Independent Producer

An independent producer who likes to drive long distance drive with his Volvo to some places in Australia.

During his long holiday break, he likes to travel with Qantas and fly over touristic places and take some photographs of landscape and citysearch.

Why Ansett?

You may hear Ansett is the word of Ansett Australia was a major airline in Australia was liquidised in September 2001 and ceased in February 2002. Producer, Jonathan is an aviation enthusiast, and he loves travelling commercial airliners like Qantas.

Technically he was very young and never knew what happened in 2001. As a supporter, he will never stop wearing Ansett Australia runway jacket.